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household water purifier-Ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane?
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Firstly, household water purifier for drinking water needs to be RO membrane, and need electricity,
​because the filtration accuracy of RO membrane is as high as 0.0001
Firstly, household water purifier for drinking water needs to be RO membrane, and need electricity,
because the filtration accuracy of RO membrane is as high as 0.0001, so the water pressure requirement
is high, and booster pump must be used to pressurize! It needs electricity, with the filtering accuracy of
0.001, it can effectively filter out all bacteria, viruses, organic substances, heavy metals and residual
chlorine! It fully meets the direct drinking standard!

Starting from the original intention of installing water purification to ensure health, household
water purifiers
to meet drinking water demand must install reverse osmosis water purifiers,
installing other water purification equipment can not guarantee drinking water safety 100%.

Many people will say that "pure water" has no nutrition, will drink cartilage disease, calcium deficiency
and other rumors.

How about pure water? The bottled water Yibao sold on the market is pure water, and the national
leaders are drinking it, while the slogan of farmer spring water has changed from mineral water to
natural drinking water. Although the human body must absorb some trace elements, viruses, bacteria
and heavy metals are absolutely impossible.

It's a pity that these beneficial elements and some toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and cadmium,
are hard to separate completely in today's technology. Keep them all! Fill them all! Some water purifier
manufacturers with inaccurate precision say they leach mineral water beneficial to the human body,
but they won't tell you that harmful heavy metals will also stay.
It's easy to give bad businessmen a chance!

Is it true that drinking purified water for a long time is malnourished? In fact, many experts have already
verified it through experiments. The effect is to play hooligans without talking about quantity. Take
mineral-rich mineral water as an example:

· Calcium content in mineral water is about 4 mg/L.

· Calcium content in milk is about 1200 mg/L.

· The recommended daily calcium intake per person is 800 mg.

You drink 2 kilograms of water to supplement calcium is actually a matter of milk, so it is unreliable to
supplement trace elements by drinking water. The essence of drinking water is to supplement the
water needed by the human body.

After understanding the concept of drinking water, in order to understand the reverse osmosis membranes,
reverse osmosis membranes on the market are also divided into 369, ranking first is Dow, followed by Hydranautic,
Toray. In order to ensure the highest quality of drinking water, all the end-to-end direct drinking series of
Muchen water purifier are made of American Dow RO film.


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