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Action Principle of Water Treatment Defoamer
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First of all, defoaming agent has the function of defoaming and inhibiting foam.
When it comes to defoamer, many people may feel strange. Literally, we can understand the
elimination of bubbles. There are many kinds of defoamers, which may be used less in daily life,
but they are used more in industry. Next, we will discuss its working principle and how to choose

First of all, defoaming agent has the function of defoaming and inhibiting foam. When the defoamer
is evenly sprinkled in the foam, it contacts the foam surface and its surface tension decreases,
resulting in thin layer breakage. Defoamers can be divided into three types according to their action
components: defoaming, anti-foaming and defoaming. First, the bubble breaking action is mainly
aimed at the liquid foam, which mainly causes the bubble to collapse by absorbing the surface
tension of the foam, which leads to the bubble rupture. Second, the anti foaming effect is caused
by the destruction of the foam, resulting in the decrease of the foam formation, which can effectively
prevent the formation of liquid bubbles. Third, the defoaming effect is gathered from the bubble
interface and invaded into the bubbles. The air of the bubbles in the liquid forms a large bubble,
which rises to the surface because of the buoyancy, and promotes the defoaming effect. How do
we choose the defoamer suitable for us in industrial water treatment?

First of all, choose strong penetration, so as to quickly destroy the foam, inhibit the generation
of foam. At present, there are two types of defoamers: organosilicon and polyether.
Organosilicon defoamers generally include polydimethylsiloxane and so on. They have fast
defoaming speed and good foam suppression at room temperature, but they are easy to stratify,
slow defoaming speed and poor foam suppression at high temperature. In addition, organosilicon
defoamers have the characteristics of low surface tension, high activity, low dosage and low cost.
They are widely used in detergents, papermaking, pulp and electroplating. The most commonly
used defoamer is the defoamer in the production process of chemical fertilizer and wastewater
treatment. Polyether defoamers, including polyoxypropylene oxide ethylene glycerol ether,
have the characteristics of long antifoaming time, good effect, fast defoaming speed and good
thermal stability. To select the most suitable defoamer, it is necessary to analyze the specific
causes of foaming in the production process, and the compatibility, concentration, temperature
and viscosity of foam will also have a direct impact on the selection of defoamer.


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