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What is the meaning of desalination rate in reverse osmosis
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What is the meaning of desalination rate in reverse osmosis
What is the meaning of desalination rate in reverse osmosis?

Desalination rate in reverse osmosis refers to the percentage of cations and anions removed
from water by chemical or ion exchange method. In practical application, it generally refers to
the salt removal rate of reverse osmosis system. The calculation formula is: desalination
rate = (total salt content of feed water - total salt content of produced water) / total salt content
of feed water * 100%.

Sometimes, for convenience reasons, the following formulas can be used to approximate the
desalination rate: desalination rate = (total water supply conductivity - total water production
conductivity) / total water supply conductivity * 100%.

Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation and filtration technology driven by pressure
difference. Many natural or man-made films are selective for material transmission. When
salt water and fresh water are separated by a semi-permeable membrane, only water can
pass through, but salt in water can not pass through. Under natural conditions, the solvent
in freshwater will pass through the semi-permeable membrane and flow to the brine side.

The water level on the brine side will be higher than that on the freshwater side to form a
pressure difference, which is osmotic pressure. The osmotic pressure difference depends
on the type, concentration and temperature of the salt solution and has nothing to do with
the properties of the semi-permeable membrane. When a pressure greater than osmotic
pressure is applied to the brine side, the solvent in the brine will flow to the fresh water side.

At this time, the flow direction of the solvent is opposite to the original osmosis direction.
This process is called reverse osmosis. The separation characteristics of reverse osmosis
can effectively remove the impurities such as dissolved salt, colloid, organic matter and
bacteria in water. At present, reverse osmosis technology has been widely used in
various fields of national economy.


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