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Technical services
Demihwater provides water-based services, including water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals. We make our customers more willing to choose us through the following advantages.

1. Process design capability.

In the past decade, Demihwater has accumulated a number of water treatment experts to provide services to customers. Collaboration has been established with universities and associations in the field of water treatment, with a complete and systematic understanding of various types of water. Can provide customers with better technical solutions.

2. Water treatment equipment and water treatment chemicals

Demihwater has its own equipment and chemicals factory, which can provide customers with better quality products. The main equipment is RO equipment, dosing pump, dosing box, sewage treatment equipment and the latest household water purifier put into production.

Chemicals include RO scale inhibitor, bactericide, corrosion inhibitor, boiler deoxidizer, corrosion and scale inhibitor, defoamer, decolorizer, etc. As well as swimming pool sterilization TCCA and SDIC, sewage treatment PAM and other chemicals.

3. Professional Laboratory

Demihwater has its own provincial laboratory to handle different water quality more accurately. The laboratory has complete equipment and accurate instruments. Can do water quality monitoring, product effect testing, water treatment operation dynamic and static simulation center, cleaning center, to help customers analyze water quality, testing agent performance, online off-line cleaning and other work.

4. Stable team

Demihwater's stable team is our most proud part. Demihwater team brain drain rate is less than 90%, we like a family together to deal with the different requirements of each customer. Everyone's knowledge is growing every day, and technology is improving every day.

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